Luxury home areas in San Antonio and New Braunfels

San Antonio is a particularly fast growing city in recent years. Its population is quick approaching 1.5 million, the second largest population in the State of Texas. In contrast nearby New Braunfels which is part of what is known as Greater San Antonio has just 70,000 but within the two cities there are some prime real estate. The metropolitan area as a whole has 2.4 million people and is richly diverse.

Dominion and Champion’s Ridge are attracting the wealthy buyers who see this part of Texas as a great place to ensure a prosperous future. There are penthouses on Riverwalk, real estate with plenty of land and waterfront locations that are great, even as simply a vacation property.

New Braunfels

New Braunfels is growing as quickly as San Antonio. There has been a significant amount of new housing built even though the recession caused obvious problems in the real estate market. There is some expensive real estate in this small city, so close to San Antonio and hence with plenty of job opportunities. College education is sometimes a guide to employment potential and New Braunfels has almost 30% of its adult population qualified at least to bachelor’s degree level. No wonder that there are neighborhoods like Landa Park Highlands, Hunter and Route 46 where the properties are in great demand and at the top end of the market.

San Antonio

Similarly the growth of San Antonio has ensured that housing in the more exclusive parts of the city are in great demand. Those looking at where to live in the city have a number of zip codes worth investigation. The most exclusive neighbourhoods in San Antonio include Boerne. The average price of real estate in Fair Oaks Ranch for example exceeds $430,000, homes with a good amount of land in a community with all the amenities to match its exclusiveness. Dominion is a match with an average real estate price even higher. Remember this is average and some mansions in Dominion are worth several million.

Champions’ Ridge is not far behind and zip code 78258 also has some of the best schools in the metropolitan area. The average income in the top 10 zip codes in San Antonio exceeds $100,000 with average prices no lower than touching distance to $250,000. Remember that this is an average price. Most of the properties have a significant amount of land.

Everyone aspires to move to a nicer neighborhood as their careers develop. Starter homes are clearly in demand for those who have graduated and expect to have a successful career. Helotes, Cielos, Sendero Ranch and Fossil Creek are examples of districts that upwardly mobile inhabitants will look to as they climb the real estate ladder. As they rise Garden Ridge, and Summerglen are all parts of San Antonio that are evidence of a good career and the ability to reach the most exclusive parts of the City. A great investment and a lovely place to live.

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