Top vacation destinations in the US

The rich variety of the country means the USA offers plenty of alternatives for vacations; they vary from vibrant cities to spectacular natural features. Here are a few ideas that are certain to get you thinking about your next break, even if it is only for a long weekend. Internal flight availability makes everything possible.


New York City

Winter on the eastern seaboard can be harsh but such as the attractions of New York that it even receives a significant number of visitors during those winter months, especially in December, Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping and the Festival itself. The star attractions, especially for the first time visitor are the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. There are a number of world famous museums and galleries as well as Broadway and Times Square.

Los Angeles

California and the home of Hollywood has a different appeal. The beaches on this Pacific coast are real attractions, places like Santa Monica or Malibu are great places to start. Beverley Hill invites curiosity and shoppers can head to Rodeo Drive.


Chicago doesn’t perhaps receive the recognition it deserves. This Midwest City is a match for any city in the USA for its skyline, range of activities, restaurants and museums. Winter are cold however and the Great Lakes do not look so appealing during that time.

Las Vegas

The appeal of Las Vegas is largely after the sun goes down though everything is open 24/7. It remains the gambling capital of the world, a remarkable achievement for a city built in a desert. The Hotels are wonders in themselves and the world famous entertainers that appear nightly in different places on the Strip make Vegas a truly world renowned destination.

Grand Canyon

If you are looking for something to do by day in Las Vegas you could jump on a plane for a day trip to see this wonderful natural feature. The Grand Canyon fills your eyes and it is difficult to take a photograph that will do it justice. It stretches for 200 miles and has been created by the Colorado River over thousands of years.

San Francisco

When people think of San Francisco some think of the Golden Gate, the elderly perhaps the ‘’Flower Children’’ and other the prison, now a museum, Alcatraz. Certainly a tour of this prison in the bay is a ‘’must do’’ if you are in San Francisco. There is Chinatown of course and for a day out of the city the vineyards of Napa Valley.


This State has established itself as an escape from winter in more northerly states. The ‘’Snow Birds’’ head south at the first sign of bad weather because Florida temperatures remain good all year round. Miami in the deep south is one attraction but Disney in Orlando is probably the place that has be decisive in attracting so many overseas visitors to Florida.

New Orleans

Heading around the Gulf of Mexico from Florida you will reach New Orleans, a city where you can hear jazz, blues, rock and country in a single street in the French Quarter. It has been the location for many a film and a trip on the Mississippi and Mardi Gras are just two of its other highlights.

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